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You’re getting more calls to the IT service desk, but you can’t get more resources to manage the workload, making it difficult to keep your head above water. So, what can you do? 

Gartner states that “IT service desks must reduce the number of simple and repeatable incidents and service requests they process manually. I&O leaders must learn how to "shift left" incidents and service requests using an eliminate, automate or leverage approach", a model originated by Amazon.1 

With a few adjustments, Gartner suggests that Amazon’s approach can be applied to ITSM by prioritising the right employee and service desk interactions, which will allow IT service desks to focus on high-value interactions that can positively impact the business and improve user satisfaction.

In this Gartner report, you will learn how your service desk can:   

  • Eliminate low-value, avoidable issues and requests 

  • Automate service desk tickets and simplify important issues and requests that cannot be avoided 

  • Leverage high-value interactions within the IT Service Desk  


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