Kanguru Solves Data Duplication Needs for Growing Organisations


Kanguru takes data duplication to a whole new level, with a flexible range of scalable duplicators to fit any budget, helping growing organisations achieve their data duplication goals. 

Kanguru manufactures high-quality, TAA Compliant duplication systems, and has been a driving force for the market for over 20 years. Clients have learned to trust Kanguru Duplicators for their data cloning needs because of their convenience and quality. Whether it be simple one-offs for back-up purposes, a few cloned devices for small business needs, or thousands of peripherals for enterprise, Kanguru’s wide-variety of high-speed duplicators maximises duplication jobs for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives and other needs.  

Several key features of Kanguru Duplicators are:

  • Create multiple duplicates simultaneously

  • Easy-to-use LCD display

  • Ultra-fast copy speeds

  • Multiple copy modes depending on duplicator type (Disk mode, Brief Copy, Resize, Smart Copy, Synchronous, Asynchronous)

  • Secure Data Wiping / Erase

  • Stand-alone operation – no need for a computer

  • Daisy-chain connectivity (select models)

  • Built-in Internal hard drive (select models)

  • TAA Compliant

Daisy-Chain Connectivity

More recently Kanguru has expanded its line of duplicators with the KanguruClone™ PRO series, offering convenient daisy-chain connectivity for mass reproduction at staggering quantities. For example, with the KanguruClone 23HDS-PRO, up to 23 hard drives or solid state drives could be reproduced simultaneously. If an organisation had stronger needs, another KanguruClone 23HDS-Pro could be daisy-chain connected, providing up to 46 duplications at one time. Linking up to 4 systems together (max) renders an impressive 92 simultaneous duplications simultaneously - at up to 12GB per minute.

Even more remarkable is the daisy-chain connectivity of the 15 Target, 24x DVD Duplicator with built-in hard drive, which can support up to a colossal 60,000 connected Kanguru 15 Target, DVD duplicators at once, for a mind-blowing potential of 900,000 cloned DVDs simultaneously.

Migrate from HDD to SSD with Resize Copy

The updated Resize Copy mode on the KanguruClone HD SATA Pro Duplicators make it possible to clone a hard drive (HD) to a solid state drive (SSD) for better OS performance. Solid State Drives offer great performance benefits, but can be more expensive than traditional hard drives. Organisations looking to migrate their hard drives to more efficient, faster SSDs can do so quickly and easily with the KanguruClone HD Pro series.

Duplicators with built-in Internal Hard Drive

Certain Kanguru Duplicators even come with built-in internal hard drives with up to 500GB of space for superior performance of multiple, repeat jobs. With the job counter, custom production runs are a breeze.

To learn more about the Kanguru’s line of Blu-ray, DVD, Hard Drive, and USB Duplicators, call Bellridge at 02 8904 0172 or visit kanguruaustralia.com.au.