Reduce Ticket Counts by at least 20% within 90 Days, Guaranteed*

Forrester rated IT self-service as the #1 trend in customer service last year1—and with employees demanding a consumer-like experience at work, organizations need to take self-service to the next level, going beyond a traditional knowledge-based solution. Self-help is a building block for self-service, increasing end user adoption, empowerment, and the overall value of your self-service portal.

According to MetricNet, each service desk request on average costs $22.2 By implementing self-help capabilities that end users love and actually adopt, you can lower your service desk calls by at least 20%, netting significant cost savings.

Take the EasyVista Ticket Reduction Challenge and reduce ticket counts for your organisation by at least 20% within 90 days—guaranteed.


Here’s How It Works:

Register for the Challenge at FSM 2018 and view an EasyVista Self Help demo. 

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Identify your top three highest volume service desk request ticket types.

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EasyVista implements one self-help knowledge flow using EasyVista Self Help.

Receive monthly results reports.


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Program Details: 

*subject to meeting all requirements of the Ticket Reduction Guarantee Promotional Program.


  • One or all examples must have a documented FAQ, knowledge article or standard operating procedure outlining the best practice(s) for resolving this high-volume issue. Historical ticket volume data for the chosen request will be required as well.
  • Organization must agree to discontinue accepting service desk calls for implemented request. Once qualified, we will define the scope of the workflow, expectations and limitations, validating technical and business requirements.
  • EasyVista provides monthly EV Self Help analytics reports on knowledge flow completions and abandonment. You must provide EasyVista with ongoing monthly ticket requests for selected knowledge flow. EasyVista will calculate the call deflection rate at the end of 90 days, ensuring ticket volume is reduced by 20%, guaranteed.
  • At the end of 90 days, EasyVista will not charge the organization for use of EasyVista Self Help SaaS nor for the EasyVista professional services incurred during the Ticket Reduction Challenge.


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